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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Giving Back to Pets

What is better than volunteering or giving back in some way? Giving back to pets and animals, of course! Hanford Veterinary Hospital knows how good it feels to lend a helping hand. Read on to learn about some of our favorite ways to help out in our community.

Feel-Good Actions

The best part about giving back to pets and animals is that literally anyone can do it. It doesn’t take anything special to make an impact in the world at all. There are many different ways you can help out. Consider:

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Up Close and Personal: The Evolution of Pet Ownership

From self-cleaning litter boxes to programmable machines that feed, entertain, and even monitor animals in our absence, caring for pets has never been easier. While we love our pets (annual spending in America in excess of $50 billion), the fact is, we’ve enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for millennia. Indeed, pet ownership has provided animals with food and safety while humans gain a sense of happiness and companionship. Let’s take a moment to study the history of this great relationship.

What Happens in a Pet Dental Exam?

Many pet owners view pet dental care as an extra expense perfectly situated on the back burner. However, it’s actually more expensive in the long run to wait for symptoms of periodontal disease to develop. Daily care at home is a fantastic defense against oral bacteria, plaque, and tartar accumulation, but a regularly scheduled pet dental exam should never be overlooked.

New Year, New Truths: Debunking Common Cat Myths

Wet KittenThe feline species has had the power to intrigue and inspire humankind for millennia. Perhaps it’s their intrinsically mysterious nature or maybe we just admire their impressive physical abilities; whatever the case, cats reign in our collective hearts as the most charming – and charmed – species among us.

While a great deal of observational and scientific research has been conducted over the years, there are still substantial cat myths swirling around. Who knows what to believe?


The Link Between Table Scraps and Pancreatitis in Pets

Father and daughter in kitchen for christmas with their dog.The holidays can be a time of extras for many of us; extra money spent, extra time taken up by shopping, planning, and gatherings, and extra calories consumed.

For humans, overdoing it here and there when it comes to food may tighten our waistbands, but it probably won’t hurt us in the long run. It’s a different story when it comes to our pets, and even small amounts of fatty foods can trigger a dangerous inflammatory condition known as pancreatitis.

Learning about pancreatitis in pets and how to avoid it this holiday season, and all year long, is essential in protecting your furry loved one.

Your Guide to Pet Liver Problems

side view of Alaskan Malamute dogFinding out that your pet may have an issue with his or her liver can be a scary situation for a pet owner. Even if you don’t know exactly what the function of the liver is, you know that it’s vitally important to your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Your team at Hanford Veterinary Hospital understands your concern, and we are here to support you every step of the way as you learn about the various causes of pet liver problems, treatments, and prevention.

Channeling Your Inner Scout: Preparing for Your Vet Visit

Cute little tabby kitten sitting in a travel crateBeing prepared is half the battle for anything in life, and bringing your pet in to see us is no exception. Preparing for your vet visit can help you to maximize your pet’s exam and make your trip to Hanford Veterinary Hospital more enjoyable than ever.

Arriving in Style

Getting your pet here is a big part of a successful veterinary visit. Car rides can be very stressful for some pets. Be sure to do the following to help your pet cope with the ride in: Continue…

Understanding the Danger of Rabies and Zoonotic Diseases

The Indian flying foxMost pet owners have either had firsthand experience with zoonotic diseases, or have a general understanding of the most common ones. Illnesses including ringworm, Leptospirosis, Giardiasis, scabies, and perhaps the most famous of all, rabies, have the potential to infect your pet and the members of your household.

There is a bright side to this, though, and it comes in the form of preventative practices. Keeping up with your pet’s wellness visits and maintaining your pet’s vaccinations are always good ideas, but when confronted with rabies and zoonotic diseases, they are your pet’s best defense.   Continue…

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Got Thirst? A Closer Look at Summer Pet Safety

rear view of a young man hug his small dogThe word “sweltering” may best describe our weather lately, and we’re not the only ones to take notice. Pets in our communities are also suffering – but with all of our huffing and puffing, their heat sensitivities are sometimes overlooked. Add to this the idea that many pets seem unbothered by the heat, and you’ve got a big reason to review summer pet safety tips. Luckily, Hanford Veterinary Hospital is here to help! Continue…

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Tips and Tricks: Helping Your Cat Take Medication

Pet owner giving his cat a pill/tabletWhen it comes to administering medication, there’s no more formidable opponent than the family cat. For many, the idea of easily helping a cat take medication seems like a big myth.

Because you never know when your feline may require medication, learning how to safely deliver medicine to your pet is essential. With a few tips, you can forego all the towels and other claw defenses and ease your cat into the routine. Continue…

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