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Celebrating Your Pet…On Valentine’s Day and Any Day

VRVC_iStock_000000393434_MediumYou adore your furriest sweetheart – that delightfully silly dog or snuggly cat can do no wrong. Whether your companion is a new puppy or kitten or a loyal senior pet, he or she is the apple of your eye.

Likewise, you may sense your pet also loves you more than anything else (possibly even more than his or her favorite treat!).

In observance of Valentine’s Day, your friends at Hanford Veterinary Hospital want to celebrate this special bond by showcasing five wonderful ways pets show their love for us.

5 Ways Your Pet Shows You Love

  • Unbounded enthusiasm when you come home – Who else runs in circles or piddles just a little each time you walk through the door? Your pet’s exuberance when you return home makes even the crummiest of days much better. There’s no one who appreciates you and misses your presence more than a beloved pet.
  • Endless purrs and emphatic tail wags – Gratitude is your pet’s middle name. Just a quick scratch behind the ear can send him or her into pure bliss. As a busy pet parent, you only need a few moments to spend with your furry friend to elicit pure happiness.
  • Improve your physical and emotional health – One of the coolest ways pets show us they care is by making us healthier (without the expense of a doctor’s bill!). That’s right. Those who have a pet often have lower blood pressure, are less susceptible to depression, and are more likely to exercise 5 times a week. 

  • Strengthen a sense of family and home – Having a sense of place is important to most of us, including having a home that’s comfortable, inviting, and full of love. Take a moment to think of all the animals who have graced your life and made your home feel more like a haven of love. No matter your age, a house definitely feels more like a home when we have a pet there to provide us comfort and laughter.
  • Keep our focus on the beautiful, irreplaceable moments – The myriad distractions in our lives pull us in so many different directions. With smartphones and obligations up to our eyeballs, there’s nothing more calming than petting your adorable cat or dog. Spending quality time with a pet each day allows us to live more in the moment and makes us more appreciative of the here and now. When it comes to being present, pets are natural teachers who make us more aware, more peaceful, and certainly more content.

When you consider all the ways your best pal enhances your life, the list is likely infinite. Pets are the epitome of devotion, friendship, joy, and, of course, unconditional love. Although they can sometimes be a handful, most of us know just how lucky we are to have them in our lives.

From all of us at Hanford Veterinary Hospital, we send big hugs to you and your furry companion. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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