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Did You Know That Owning Cats Makes You Healthier?

Adopting a cat can make you healthier!

Are you still looking for a resolution as we enter into the New Year? If you are coming up short on fresh ideas for your future health and wellness, you might consider adding a member to your family.

At Hanford Veterinary Hospital we aren’t terribly surprised to learn that owning cats makes you healthier. Maybe a feline friend is just what you need to achieve all of your aspirations in 2019!

How Owning Cats Makes You Healthier

People have many inherent misconceptions about what it means to be a cat person. Despite the negative associations that are sometimes tied to this title, science is proving what us feline fanatics have known all along:  owning cats makes you healthier.

As more and more studies are generated investigating the effects of the human-animal bond, we have mounting evidence that cat owners have a leg up when it comes to health.  Cat owners benefit from:

Decreased allergies — Exposure to cats early in life decreases cat allergies and other common allergies later in life by almost half and supports healthy immune function.

Improved cardiovascular health — Pet ownership in general decreases the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and increases overall physical activity. One study found cat ownership in particular to lower the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease significantly.

Lowered stress, anxiety, and depression — Having a four-legged friend increases the sense of well-being, lowers depression rates, and improves overall mental health.

Emotional support — Cat owners feel less lonely overall and have an ever- present source of companionship. You just may have to share your pillow.

Cat owners are also reported to be smarter, sensitive, and at lower risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s. Cats are also more eco-friendly than dogs, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. When you start thinking about it, why wouldn’t you want to own a cat?

Where to Start

Of course running out and getting a cat right away may sound tempting, but adopting an animal is a big step. Before adding to your furry family, consider the following:

  • Does your family have time to devote to a new cat?
  • Will your other pets do well with a new pet?
  • Do your finances allow you to properly care for an additional cat?
  • Does anyone in the home have a medical condition that may prevent you from keeping kitty?

There are far more cats than cat owners in the United States, with millions in shelters being euthanized each year. If you would like to add a cat to your home, consider taking in one of these animals. Adult and senior cats are far less likely to find forever homes, but may be the perfect fit for you, so don’t cross them off the list.

Many local shelters and rescues would love to help you find a cat to add to your home. Don’t forget to let us know if you decide to take the plunge as well- we are happy to help you find the purr-fect pet.

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