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How to Get Your Pet Social Media Superstar Status

We have all heard of people who’ve made a name for themselves via Youtube, Instagram, or other social media platforms. Influencers in fashion, beauty, fitness, nutrition, travel, and more are everywhere, and pets are right in there with the best of them. After all, there’s nothing like coming across a photo of your favorite Instagram pet to give you a little boost of happiness in the middle of a busy day. A lot of us have thought “I could do that!”

You already know that your dog, cat, ferret, guinea pig, parakeet, or bearded dragon lizard is the absolute cutest pet out there. Could you be the proud owner of the next pet social media superstar? The team at Hanford Veterinary Hospital can help!

Tips for Creating a Pet Social Media Superstar

Turning your furry, feathered, or scaly pal into the next pet social media superstar will take diligent planning, preparation, and lots and lots of posting. And of course, we have plenty of safety tips to ensure that your pet stays healthy and comfortable on their rise to stardom.

Create a separate account – Rather than updating your personal feed with pictures of your African Pygmy Hedgehog wearing the tiny straw hats your grandmother weaves from scratch, create a separate account just for your pet. Your hat-wearing hedgehog is likely to generate and keep more followers on her own.

Get active – Seeing pictures of pets being active with their owners make people smile, and your veterinarian will be especially happy to know that your pet is engaging in the regular exercise they need to stay healthy and vital! Take lots of breaks during your photoshoots to make sure your pet is getting plenty of water to drink, and time to rest in the shade when they seem tired. Watch for signs of arthritis in aging pets, and adjust their activity levels accordingly. Ask us about laser therapy or other pain relief modalities.

Post travel photos – Pictures of jet setting pets are extremely popular, but it’s always important to properly prepare your pet for travel. Bring them in to see us ahead of time for a wellness exam. We’ll make sure they are up to date on the vaccines and parasite prevention needed to keep them safe, and get you started on their health certificate if you’re planning on airplane travel. Brush up on pet water safety for those beach and lake shots, and make sure your pet’s microchip has been updated with your current contact information.

Showcase their personality, safely – Does your Great Dane love to curl up in the cat’s bed for his daytime naps? Pictures of the silly, cute, and unique things your pet does is what will endear followers and keep them coming back for more, but your pet’s safety and health should always be a consideration. As veterinarians, we cringe to see pictures of dogs devouring greasy, processed foods. Pancreatitis anyone?

Photos of pets interacting with other animals and kids are especially popular, but only if your pet is properly socialized. Safety first, especially when children are involved!

Post, post, post – Those beautiful, high quality shots you’ve worked so hard to create are meaningless unless you update your pet’s feed often. Friendly interactions with your pet’s followers will also go a long way toward gaining new followers, and keeping those you already have. 

And above all else, don’t forget to have fun! Going on outings, playing, and just spending time together are all amazing bonding experiences for you and your pet, whether they reach celebrity status or not.

For more information on pet care and safety, or to schedule an appointment for your rising star, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff.

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