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How To Spice Up The Daily Dog Walk

A man and a leashed dog take a stroll  down a tree-lined path.

No matter their age, breed, or temperament, dogs need daily walking. At least twice a day, you and your dog should hit the road for a little fresh air and exercise. Dog walks are necessary for exercise and well being of our canine best friends. Dogs that are walked daily tend to be happier and have a stronger bond with their owners. 

But what if you’re feeling like there are a hundred other things you’d like to do rather than walk your dog? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. What you really need are just some ideas to spice up your daily dog walk. 

Having Fun On The Daily Dog Walk

Good Time for a Change – The easiest way to mix up your daily dog walk is to change your route. Finding somewhere new to walk can include a new neighborhood, a different trail, or a park on the other side of town. At the very least, you can go in the opposite direction, go down a new side street, or walk a little faster than usual. Switching things up also helps let your dog know that you are leading the walk, not the other way around.

Stop and Smell the Roses (And Everything Else) – Dogs truly experience the world through their noses, and their sense of smell can be up to 10,000 times better than ours. So letting them stop and sniff really makes a difference in their enjoyment of the daily dog walk. What looks like nothing more than a patch of dry grass to us is a chance for your dog to take in messages left by other dogs and leave their own response, too. 

The Buddy System – Socializing with your friends can be a wonderful way to spice up your daily dog walk. And socialization is also great for your dog, if they enjoy it. You can also meet new friends while out on the rounds. Just make sure you ask other dog owners first before allowing your dog to approach theirs.

Take pictures, make memories – Taking pictures of our dogs is one of our favorite pastimes, and those pictures are worth 1,000 words! As you’re walking along, look for fun and memorable moments to snap a picture, and make your daily dog walk more fun in the process. 

Field Trip! – Research neighborhoods with pet friendly spot, and take in some coffee or a little shopping while out on your daily dog walk. You can also check out walking trails, a dog park, or take a day trip to the beach to take a break from your regular walk. Be sure your dog is properly socialized before heading to a public place.

Enjoy the moment – Perhaps the best way to get the most out of the daily dog walk is to simply be present. Taking the time to connect with your dog encourages better behavior and builds the bond between you and your dog. Notice the little things: the moment your dog looks up at you, when she’s walking nicely on the leash, or when she moves to be closer to you. 

What do you do to add interest and fun to your daily dog walk? Let us know at your next visit, or post on our FaceBook page. Hanford Veterinary Hospital looks forward to hearing your ideas.

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