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Pets or No Pets? Should Landlords Rent to Pet Owners?

For most pet owners, their companion animals are bonafide members of the family. Unfortunately, it can be notoriously difficult to find a rental property that allows pets, and for good reason – pets can cause property damage and other problems for landlords and neighbors. On the other hand, pet owners often make excellent, long-term tenants.

Deciding whether or not to rent to pet owners can be challenging, but the team at Hanford Veterinary Hospital is here to help. Let us walk you through some of the pros and cons we’ve learned over our many years of investing in the lives of pets and their owners.

Reasons to Rent to Pet Owners

Like any major decision, choosing to implement a pet policy in your rental agreement will have various risks and benefits.


  • Choosing to rent to pet owners will significantly increase the pool of available applicants.
  • Responsible pet owners often make responsible tenants.
  • Pet owners tend to stay home more, which increases security in the area.
  • Barking dogs may ward off intruders, safeguarding your property.
  • Due to the difficulty of finding pet-friendly rental properties, pet owners are more likely to renew their lease with you.


  • Pets can cause considerable damage to the inside and/or outside of your property.
  • Aggressive or ill-behaved pets are a risk to neighbors and visitors.
  • Barking dogs and prowling cats can be a nuisance to nearby residents.
  • You are ultimately responsible for any problems your tenant’s pet may cause on your property.

Do Your Research

Before agreeing to rent to a pet owner, call their former landlord (if possible) or ask for a written reference letter regarding the pet. It’s also a good idea to meet with prospective tenants and their pets in order to get a feel for whether or not you’re dealing with a responsible pet owner and a well-behaved pet.

Look for the following signs of a good pet owner:

  • The pet is well groomed and appears healthy.
  • The pet is well-behaved and isn’t aggressive.
  • The owner and pet appear loving toward one another.

Feel free to ask questions about the pet/owner relationship, such as how long a pet is regularly left home alone, who will watch the pet when the owner is away, and whether the pet has any medical conditions.

We’re always happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding pets and pet ownership. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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