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Hanford Veterinary Hospital Blog

Laser Therapy for Pets: A Powerful Way to End Pain

Laser therapy for pets is great for pet pain management



No pet owner wants their pet to be in pain, and most of us would do anything to reduce pain in our furry companions. Traditional pain medications are an option, but what if there was a way to reduce pain and speed healing while using little to no pharmaceuticals?

Laser therapy for pets sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but this simple yet powerful technology has been used on people and animals for years to reduce chronic pain and encourage healing after surgery or injury. This technology is being used to improve the lives of dogs and cats every day, including right here at Hanford Veterinary Hospital. Continue…

When it Hurts:  Pain in Pets

Cocker SpanielWe know that pets feel pain. Thankfully, we also know that we can help them. Often, the hardest part about pain in pets is identifying when it is occurring. Our animal friends are not always good about telling us when they need help, so it is up to us as pet owners to recognize and treat pain in pets when needed.  

Sources of Pain in Pets

Pain comes in many shapes and forms for pets just as in people. It generally falls into one of two categories:  acute or chronic. Continue…

Human Medications and Your Pet

Dog and pills.As pet owners, we want our animals to be well and not in pain. And we will often do whatever we can to make that happen. Unfortunately, some owners use the web or friends for advice and give their pets human or animal medications that are not prescribed specifically for their pet’s current problem by their veterinarian. This idea may seem harmless enough, but it’s not.

Please think twice before offering your pet any medication that we have not prescribed or directed you to give. There is more at stake than you could possibly imagine. Continue…

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