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Hanford Veterinary Hospital Blog

Chonky Cats: The Risks of Feline Obesity

Obese cat laying on an orange blanket.

The internet seems to like chubby kitties, but contrary to popular opinion, feline obesity is no laughing matter. Instead of allowing cats to free feed or beg for unnecessary treats, a restricted approach to their caloric intake is an important priority. The absence of mealtime moderation can have major repercussions to a cat’s health, and can even affect their longevity. If you have too much of your cat to squeeze, it’s time to act. 


Jet-Setting With Your Favorite Pet

Woman walking through airport terminal while holding pug dog.

If flying the friendly skies with your cat or dog is in your future, and you want to know how to travel safely with pets, you’ve come to the right place! Our team at Hanford Veterinary Hospital has tips to help your travel plans go smoothly while safeguarding the wellbeing of your pet. 


The Most Popular Dog Breeds in California

Bulldog on skateboard

In a game almost as old as time itself, it’s fun to guess a dog’s genetic heritage. You can tell the origins of a certain dog just by assessing body size, ear shape, facial structure, fur type, and to some extent, personality or disposition. Mixed breed dogs are especially fun to guess because some traits are obvious markers of breed, while others are often much harder to differentiate. 

Of all the lovely pet dogs in our fine state, the most popular dog breeds in California stand out from the pack.


Keep Safe and Sane With Our Holiday Pet Travel Tips

Man at airport holding pet bengal cat.

Every year, millions of people fly home to family members, board buses or trains, or pack up their cars with holiday delights. Pets might be the last to learn of impending travel plans, but that doesn’t mean that travel gear and supplies are going unnoticed by them. Most pets handle the demands of traveling exceedingly well, but there’s a strong contingent that benefits from careful planning and preparation. Holiday pet travel with pets is doable, and we’re here to help all the details gel together. 


When Dog Shedding Goes From Normal to Something Else

Siberian husky dogs lie on wooden floor next to piles of shed fur and dog brush.

Most dog owners either anticipate a life full of picking up dog hair, or simply make peace with it over the years. Sure, some breeds are famously low-shedders, but generally, shedding is a normal process. While it can definitely increase during certain seasons, dog shedding can also be related to underlying medical conditions. How are dog owners supposed to know what’s at stake when it comes to loose, fallen, or dead hair building up on their best bud’s coat?


French Bulldogs: California’s Most Popular Dog Breed

French bulldog puppies sitting with a lady.

Snorts, snoots, squishies, and “bat-ish” ears are just a few of cute features to love about French bulldogs. These playful, little but mighty pups are quiet and adaptable, which makes them a popular choice for California dwellers. But the breed faces a long road of health problems, with males being more susceptible to certain issues than females. Here are some of the most common issues to look for so you can get your pup quick treatment and ensure a return to good health:


Lizard 101: A Basic Guide to Leopard Gecko Care

Pet leopard gecko being fed a mealworm.

Choosing between various lizard species can be daunting, especially if you’re new to herpetology. Each species has its own highly-specific set of care requirements, including diet, habitat size, light, and humidity. Due to its relative ease, the leopard gecko is a stand-out choice for most beginners. Hanford Veterinary Hospital recognizes the rising popularity of these interesting, exotic pets. We have a few tips to achieve basic leopard gecko care so you can maximize both their health and your enjoyment. 


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! Cat Behavior You Should Know About

Two cats jumping onto a couch.

Anyone who has spent time around cats can attest to the fact that they have a few strange behaviors. If you have ever wondered about cat zoomies, the magic of catnip, or why your cat has so much energy, read on to learn about Hanford Veterinary Hospital’s take on cat behavior mysteries. 


July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Dog drinking water from water bottle.

July is one of the hottest months in summer and has earned the badge of National Pet Hydration Awareness month. People take extra precautions during summertime to prevent sunburn and heat stroke in your pets. Our furry friends cannot always tell us when they are thirsty, and dehydration can lead to serious health issues.


When It Comes to Kitten and Puppy Care, Preparation Is Key

Two kittens and a beagle puppy having fun outside.

Small animals have a rather long list of specialized requirements that promote their health, safety, and well-being. We can assure you that it’s well worth the extra effort, time, and money to provide everything they need, and our guide to kitten and puppy care makes it all within reach. 

On the Ground

Before you bring home your new fluffy, furry baby pet, take time to anticipate what kind of trouble your pet could get into inside and around your home. There are risks associated with power cords, electrical outlets, laundry, plants, window screens, and so much more. You may try to keep your kitten or puppy inside a certain room until they acclimate to their new surroundings. Gates and barriers are helpful when training a new pet. 

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