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Beyond Cute: A Practical Guide to Puppy Care

Puppy wellness care

The best things in life are well-balanced. We can’t have the good in the absence of bad, and sweetness is enhanced by a little bit of salt. When it comes to puppies, the same principle applies. To truly experience their adorableness, you have to deal with some of their behaviors that are a bit maddening. Many aren’t potty trained, they chew on everything in sight, and they can make it hard to get a full night’s sleep. This guide to puppy care may help you achieve balance at home.


What to Give Your Pet This Holiday Season

Dog ready for Christmas.

Most pet owners don’t need a holiday to spoil their pets with fun, satisfying, or comforting gifts. We give into these all the time, right? And yet, the holiday season is ripe with opportunity to give and spread joy to those we love. Our pets are usually the center of attention, so what could be better than showering them with holiday presents? If you need some ideas for what to give your pet this year, we’ve got you covered.


How To Prevent Your Dog From Barking Too Much

Dog barks.

All dogs bark. There are plenty of situations in which it is okay (and even helpful) for a dog to bark, like to alert you of potential danger, or to let you know when the mail has been delivered. There comes a point where barking becomes excessive, however. How can you prevent your dog from barking too much?


Dynamite Comes in Small Packages: Aggression in Small Dogs

Small dog acting aggressive.

When you picture an aggressive dog, a Yorkie or Chihuahua may not be the first breed that you think about. Aggression in small dogs is a very real thing, though, and Hanford Veterinary Hospital wants to help you understand why it happens and what to do about it. 

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Tips on Training Your Cat and Improving their Behavior

Cat standing on hind legs

Cats definitely have minds and personalities of their own, and these personalities seem like they are pretty set in stone. Most cat owners think that kitty makes the rules and there is no point in even trying to train your cat, but your friends at Hanford Veterinary Hospital are here to tell you that not only is it possible, but it is not as difficult as you might think.


Are Dog Dental Chews Worth It?

Dog chewing on bone.

You’re reading this because clearly, your pet’s dental health matters to you. Hanford Veterinary Hospital is passionate about pet dental health because we know it affects overall health. Did you know bacteria can pass into the bloodstream through unhealthy gums and even cause kidney disease? 


The Ugly Truth About Heartworm Disease

Dog eating heartworm preventive chewable.

The team at Hanford Veterinary Hospital strongly recommends monthly heartworm preventive medication for your dog because we want your pets to live long, happy lives. Keep reading to see how heartworm can affect your pets and why a preventive is so essential:


How to Treat and Prevent Anxiety in Your Cat

Hanford, CA cat hiding and having anxiety.

Just like humans, cats can experience anxiety. Unlike humans, they hide it very well. There are many natural ways to treat and present anxiety. If these treatments below don’t work, we recommend discussing a comprehensive, personalized plan with your vet at Hanford Veterinary Hospital

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Life-Saving Tricks: The “Leave It” Command

A human teaches a dog the leave it command

Teaching your pet tricks and commands can be a lot of fun and definitely enhances the human-animal bond. At Hanford Veterinary Hospital we have seen some of this education pay off in a big way for pet owners, though. Did you realize that teaching things like the “leave it” command could actually save your pet’s life?


Pawed Patient: Helping Your Pet Recover After Surgery

A cat in an e-collar.

After any surgery, the patient (whether human or animal) will need lots of rest, rehabilitation, and a slow return to normal life for complete healing. Knowing what to do in helping your pet recover after surgery will go a long way in getting them back on their paws in less time. Since post-surgical care is so important, the team at Hanford Veterinary Hospital is here with an overview on what you can do for your furry patient:

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