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Pet Apps for Better Health and Wellness

iStock_000073996785_Large (1)Starting the New Year off right often means focusing on health and lifestyle. And, as a loving pet owner you might want to include your four-legged family member in your healthy 2016 plans. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever with convenient, easy-to-use pet apps.

But, where do you even begin?

Rather than wade through the hundreds of pet focused apps, your friends at Hanford Veterinary Hospital have narrowed them down to our 10 favorites.

Ten Must Have Pet Apps for the Connected Pet Owner

  1. Pet First Aid – This incredible app developed by the American Red Cross offers instructional videos and information to prepare you for any pet emergency.
  2. Pet Minder PRO – This easy to use pet tracking app keeps you on top of all of your pet’s veterinary needs as well all other daily care reminders, such as portion control, treat monitoring, birthday notification, and more. Perfect for the busy pet parent.
  3. Petometer – This step counting app from Purina helps you and your pet stay motivated to reach those New Year’s fitness goals.
  4. Cat Fishing – Why should canines have all the fun? This cool-cat app from Friskies keeps your whiskered buddy curious and entertained for hours, just trying to catch those tasty fish.
  5. Dog Park Finder Plus – No matter where you go, you can keep your canine companion connected to other pups with this app. Find all of the best dog parks in your area, or anywhere you roam.
  6. Puppy Coach 101 – Is your new little bundle of fur terrorizing plants, shoes, and furniture? Having difficulty with puppy puddles? This app comes to the rescue with training tips, videos, and other helpful prompts.
  7. Dosecast – Dosecast takes the guesswork out of managing your pet’s medications by alerting you to daily reminders, refills, and other med specific tasks.
  8. PupTox – Before you buy that new plant or leave certain foods or items out and within your pet’s reach, check out PupTox and avoid dangerous pet toxins.
  9. SlimDoggy – This fitness and weight management focused app helps you track your pet’s daily calorie intake, gives you insight into pet food ingredients, and encourages daily exercise.
  10. BringFido – Travel anywhere with confidence. This app helps you plan your getaways by finding and detailing pet friendly destinations, lodging, and entertainment.

Using the best apps out there can help you keep your pet’s health a priority. Each of these tools offer guidance, education, and motivation to maintain the weight, lifestyle, and wellbeing of your fur friend.

What are some of your favorite pet apps?

Happy apping!

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