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Keys to Keeping Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

iStock_000019349731_MediumThis time of year there is always a lot of discussion about Thanksgiving preparations – from the bird and the pumpkin pies to the football games and the parades, there’s a lot on the menu. We know that pet owners have a long to-do list before the big day, and knowing how to best protect your pet will ensure everyone, human and pet alike, enjoys the occasion.

Offering the right foods (and restricting the wrong ones), controlling your pet’s environment, and identifying the warning signs of a sick or injured pet will all help tremendously towards a safe and happy Thanksgiving for both you and your furry family.

Setting the Stage for Success

Whether you are hosting or traveling, you’ll need to consider your pet’s personality and what he or she may need to get through the day. This may be a quiet and secluded place to sleep the day away, or being center stage and greeter-in-chief as guests arrive at the door. You know your pet best, and need to consider what your four-legged friend can realistically handle. Continue…

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