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The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Hanford_iStock_000018323086_FullDental care for dogs and cats is an often overlooked area of pet care.While dental disease can certainly cause that pesky dog breath, it is much more serious than just stinky kisses. Unfortunately, over half of pets will have some form of dental disease by the age of two. Learn why good pet dental care can extend a pet’s life expectancy by up to five years. Continue…

Who Wants to Go for a W-A-L-K?

dog leather leashWalking is possibly one of the healthiest exercises you can do; space is never limited, no reservations are needed, and a certain level of calmness abounds during and after your walk. And, adding your four-legged friend to the mix can really only make things better, right? January marked National Walk Your Dog Month, and while that may seem a bit odd in the snow-bound parts of the country, here in Hanford, celebrating with our pets is pretty much a dream come true.

Even though February is just a heartbeat away, we hope you and your dog can get out for a W-A-L-K in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Not only is it a great bonding opportunity for you both, but it will keep you both on the path for lifelong wellness. Continue…

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