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3 Things Cats Hate. 3 Ways You Can Make Cats Happy

Pretty ginger cat pricked up ears in the alert. Surprised cat, wide opened eyes, funny emotions.

We love cats so much and will do pretty much anything to please them. From investing in high quality cat furniture and bedding to loading up on crunchy-on-the-outside-creamy-on-the-inside treats, there’s not a lot we’d be unwilling to do for their health and happiness. 

Without a doubt, owners of cats are incredibly supportive and involved. You get to know them and do your best to appreciate their myriad likes and dislikes. But what if you’re doing something that makes them mad? If you’re doing any of these things that cats hate, you might want to make some swift changes.

Number One: A Dirty Litter Box

It’s nothing short of a miracle that cats not only know to pee and poop in their designated plastic receptacle full of clumping litter, but they seem to like it! Really, that’s an incredible adaptation that makes all our lives easier. They don’t require midnight walks around the block, and they certainly don’t have us following them around the park with plastic baggies.

To repay the favor that is litter box training, the least we can do is be sure to clean it regularly. That means daily scooping, or sometimes numerous times a day. This act of devotion should also include weekly dumping of stale litter and a full stocking up of new litter.

Be warned that a dirty litter box can propel a cat to make waste elsewhere in the house, and they are very selective at finding the best spots.

Number Two: Loud Noises

Of all the things cats hate (and there are many more), they really loathe loud noises. Sharing a house with a young family can be extremely disruptive to a cat’s calm, and can even result in them biting or scratching. 

Other households may routinely employ the vacuum cleaner, blender, stereo, TV, food processor, lawn mower, drill, and other booming devices or tools. Some cats scamper away fearfully when a new bag is being opened up for the trash can.

Of course, every cat is different and will react to various stimuli in their own way. However, knowing that most cats hate unpredictable, confusing, head-splitting noises, it may be generous to encourage them to hang out in a part of the house that will keep them safe from certain noise.

Number Three: Change

Cats hate having their routine upended. They utterly depend on set meal times, when they can expect their owners to leave and return, and the placement of their belongings. This includes the location of their litter box and the type of litter inside it. They don’t like to have their beds moved (or washed, really, but that’s not up for discussion) and it can take them days, if not weeks, to recover from alterations made to their schedules. 

If you do have an upcoming move or addition to the existing household, we recommend giving your cat plenty of time to get used to the idea. It may not be easy at first, but given enough time and encouragement, we hope that your cat will eventually adapt. 

Cats can develop separation anxiety, and if symptoms are misinterpreted or ignored, they could launch into a phobia.

We Don’t Love What Cats Hate

Most owners will figure out the many different things their fluffy face dislikes, but we may not always understand why cats hate certain things. The best we can do is remove triggers and reinforce all the positives with yummy treats, belly scratches, catnip mice, and snuggles.

If you have further questions about feline behavior, let us know. We’re always here for you at Hanford Veterinary Hospital.

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