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A Happy Cat Is A Healthy One

You know how it is when you feel great – you tend look good, too. You’ve got a little pep in your step, and your health shines from a beaming grin and twinkling eyes. 

The same is true with our feline friends. When they are feeling their absolute best, you know it because their coat shines, they’re carrying on with cheerful chirps and meows, and they prance and scamper whenever they please. Without a doubt, a happy cat is an absolute pleasure to be around.


In order to determine if a cat is happy, we must first look at whether they are healthy. Since cats tend to mask any signs of illness or injury, it’s easy for owners to be convinced their cat is fine when they aren’t actually at their best. 

Cat health hinges upon disease prevention, optimal nutrition and environmental enrichment. To help your cat become their absolute healthiest, happiest version of themselves we recommend yearly wellness exams, dental care, and daily exercise.  

The Fabulousness

A happy cat is one that answers to nature’s every whim. They are quick on their feet, ready for any kind of action, and generally just do whatever they want whenever it suits them. Conversely, an unhappy cat hides or withdraws, doesn’t have much of an appetite, and simply looks like they don’t feel well.

Let’s Talk Coats

Decreased grooming is often a sign that something is amiss – a healthy cat has a gleaming coat that is fastidiously groomed throughout the day. Keep an eye on your cat’s energy levels as they attempt to groom themselves. It could be they’ve gained a bit of weight that makes the activity exhausting, or they have dental pain that inhibits them from getting their coat extra shiny.

Face to Face

If you’ve lived with your cat for a while you will have a basis for comparison if they start to act out of character. It’s always a good idea to check in with your cat during your daily playtime or snuggles. If you notice any dullness in their eyes, buildup in their ears, or any kind of odor coming from them, it’s time to seek help.

A Happy Cat Likes Food

Cats are definitely motivated by food and a happy cat has a healthy appetite. They love meal times, but be careful if they start to beg for snacks or treats. Many no-bowl options work for indoor-only cats as they have to sort of hunt for their food. Avoid free-feeding and measure portions precisely to prevent weight gain

Other Traits of Happy Cat

You can tell if your cat is feeling great because they’ll rub your legs, purr, invite you to play, chirp at the birds through the window, and may even show you their belly. 
If you ever notice that your cat’s behavior is a bit “off” please let us know. Our staff is always happy to answer questions about feline behavior, and because of their quiet natures, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

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