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How to Treat Your Pet During the Holidays (Without Overfeeding Them)

Few things escape the notice of our pets. This is especially true when we’re in the kitchen. Sure, they may not understand why you’re baking up a storm or stirring tasty ingredients into a frenzy, but they know they want to be there in case you drop something on the floor. During the holidays, it’s understandable that you want to treat your pet. To do this safely (and in a way that only supports their health and wellness), we have some recommendations on where to start.


How to Include Your Pet on a Date this Holiday Season

Taking your pet on a date for some holiday fun with pets!

The holidays are a uniquely delightful and romantic time to be dating, but if you’re just getting to know someone, there may still be plenty of awkward pauses, nervous conversation, and other less-than-desirable moments. Including your pet on a date might be the perfect way to lighten the mood, and it can allow you to more fully enjoy all the wonders of the season together. Check out these ideas for fun, romantic, and pet-friendly holiday dates!

Holiday Fun (With Pets!)

One of the best parts about bringing your pet on a date is that it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Get into the spirit of the season with the following affordable ideas:


Pet Costumes You Can Really Write Home About

Pet costumes are a fun way to celebrate Halloween with PetsIt’s almost Halloween, and time’s running out to get your costume under way. There’s no shortage of creative, classy, or wack-a-doo options for people – and our pets can also join in the fun! Of course, many won’t have anything to do with playing dress-up, but for those who are adorably tolerant, we’ve got some award-winning pet costume ideas to share with you.

Assess the Situation

Everyone loves a good photo op, and, for many pets, that’s about as long as they’ll tolerate our shenanigans. Remember to never force your pet into wearing a costume. With time, praise, and lots of encouragement, it’s possible your pet may warm up to the idea, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out. Continue…

Celebrating Your Pet…On Valentine’s Day and Any Day

VRVC_iStock_000000393434_MediumYou adore your furriest sweetheart – that delightfully silly dog or snuggly cat can do no wrong. Whether your companion is a new puppy or kitten or a loyal senior pet, he or she is the apple of your eye.

Likewise, you may sense your pet also loves you more than anything else (possibly even more than his or her favorite treat!).

In observance of Valentine’s Day, your friends at Hanford Veterinary Hospital want to celebrate this special bond by showcasing five wonderful ways pets show their love for us. Continue…

Keys to Keeping Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

iStock_000019349731_MediumThis time of year there is always a lot of discussion about Thanksgiving preparations – from the bird and the pumpkin pies to the football games and the parades, there’s a lot on the menu. We know that pet owners have a long to-do list before the big day, and knowing how to best protect your pet will ensure everyone, human and pet alike, enjoys the occasion.

Offering the right foods (and restricting the wrong ones), controlling your pet’s environment, and identifying the warning signs of a sick or injured pet will all help tremendously towards a safe and happy Thanksgiving for both you and your furry family.

Setting the Stage for Success

Whether you are hosting or traveling, you’ll need to consider your pet’s personality and what he or she may need to get through the day. This may be a quiet and secluded place to sleep the day away, or being center stage and greeter-in-chief as guests arrive at the door. You know your pet best, and need to consider what your four-legged friend can realistically handle. Continue…

Smart Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

iStock_000048504324_MediumIf you’re like most of us, the past few weeks have been spent stocking up on Halloween candy, snacks, costumes, and decorations… trying desperately to avoid consuming all of those mini chocolate bars before the night of trick-or-treating arrives. Halloween is a fun holiday, to be sure, the gateway to a beautiful autumn season – marking the time the leaves change, the winter clothes come out of boxes, and the school buses line the curbside.

Because Halloween is such a family-oriented holiday, we often look for ways to include the family pet – Rover in particular – in the fun. From pet parades to costume parties, our pets love to celebrate this spooky season with us.

While this inclusion can be exciting for our pups, Halloween also presents one of the biggest risks of pet poisoning than any other time of year. Halloween (and the week leading up to it) marks the busiest time for pet poison control lines. And, in the midst of the festivities, it’s easy to forget to keep an eye on that candy bowl or the opening and closing of the front door.

If you want to include your best fur friend in the Halloween mix, here are some basic pet safety precautions to take to ensure the evening remains fright-free for all. Continue…

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