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Is Your Cat Shedding Too Much?

A person shows a cat all the hair it has shed.

Cat ownership involves several different types of maintenance. From weight management to dental care, cats depend on their owners to stay in front of potential problems. One possible facet of their appearance, their coat, doesn’t typically require intensive intervention (aside from regular brushing). Indeed, they are excellent at taking great care of their fur. But there are times that cat shedding can be linked – and contribute – to problems. 

Feelin’ Good, Lookin’ Great

When your cat isn’t sleeping, eating, or playing, they are probably spending loads of their “free” time grooming themselves. Of course, this activity can lead to picking up too many loose or dead hairs off their coat. Cat hairballs occur when there’s too much hair in the stomach to be properly digested. 

Another Side Effect

Cat shedding can also lead an owner to frustration when they’re constantly applying the lint roller to their clothing, sweeping up fluff piles in the corners, or vacuuming every day. 

Depending on your cat’s breed and indoor environment (in addition to other components), their coat may go through routine shedding and growing. However, shedding their heavy winter undercoat in the spring, or losing dry hairs in the fall are the most common times for cat shedding. 

Brushing Is Good For Both Of You

Helping your cat in the grooming department is essential. Weekly combing out of any tangles and brushing away loose hairs helps reduce how much they shed or ingest, and the activity enhances the bond you share.

Bathing them might not top your list of priorities, but doing so once or twice a year can add to their skin’s health and strengthen their coat. 

We are happy to discuss your cat’s diet, as well. Certain ingredients and supplements can mitigate a dry, dusty coat and limit cat shedding around the house.

Problematic Cat Shedding

While it’s true that cat shedding is normal, it can be related to various health problems, such as:

We recommend keeping notes on your cat’s appearance. If you see that their coat’s quality starts to change or diminish, and has more tangles, debris, or mats, they may need help grooming. A dry or brittle-looking coat is alway cause for concern.

If you have further questions or concerns about cat shedding, feline behavior, and their overall health and happiness, we’re always here for you at Hanford Veterinary Hospital

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