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What Works Best for Kids and Dogs in Close Quarters?

If your family is experiencing a little bit of the “scrunch factor”, you’re not alone. While it’s always important to safeguard the needs of both kids and pets, perhaps more than ever before, special attention is crucial to successful cohabitation.

The Love Is Real!

Dogs are unquestionably generous with their affection and adoration, especially when it comes to their younger family members. Many family dogs are also incredibly patient – until, that is, they reach a breaking point. Snapping, growling or biting are part of a natural progression that can definitely be prevented by observing canine body language.

Chaos Is Normal

Whether they react with aggression, fear or anxiety, dogs definitely respond to the ebbs and flows of chaotic energy in and around their home. Perhaps they are deeply accustomed to spending hours every day sleeping or lounging around. Now they have to contend with near-constant, hair-raising exclamations, pounding footsteps, and the unsatisfactory pursuit of peace.

Goodbye, Separation Anxiety

Other cases may involve dogs that previously felt profound anxiety when left alone for any time. With stay at home orders in place, these dogs no longer suffer from FOMO and receive all the attention and activity they’d been craving before now.

How to Cope

Many families are struggling with household dynamics. Providing for all the needs of both kids and dogs (among other possible pets) can be difficult to balance. 

The best thing you can do for everyone is to set up a fairly strict routine. Meal times, play times, exercise times and down times should all be scheduled for excellent results.

Getting Out

Kids and dogs both benefit from daily vigorous exercise. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go out together several times a day. Of course, we recommend always following the guidelines to promote everyone’s health and safety. If everyone’s welfare is taken into consideration, you may be able to hike, jog and cycle as much as possible during the next few weeks.

Kids and Dogs

If you’re lucky enough to live with both kids and dogs, you know how they benefit the other. Dogs are sort of magical in the ways they help kids cope, and kids never disappoint dogs with their energy and play.

If you have additional questions about how to support the relationship between kids and dogs at home, Hanford Veterinary Hospital is always here for you.

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