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Give Your Pet Something to Smile About

dental care

The dental health of your dog or cat is just as important to his or her health as it is to yours. Not only does dental hygiene affect your pet’s breath (“Eww! Dog breath!”), but also it can affect the overall health of your pet. Dental disease in pets not only affects the mouth, but it can also lead to more serious health issues, such as heart, lung, and kidney disease.

Hanford Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to provide your pets with the dental health they need. Our staff is fully trained in veterinary dental care, and we know that regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings will go a long way in giving both you and your pet something to smile about.

Training your pets to accept regular brushings is a great start to keeping their smiles in shape, but routine veterinary dental care should also be an established part of his or her wellness care. The scope of a veterinary dental exam is similar to what you would expect when visiting the dentist. Aside from the standard cleaning, some common conditions we look for include:

  • Problems with deciduous (baby) teeth in puppies and kittens
  •  Oral development
  •  Missing or broken teeth
  •  Extra teeth
  •  Swelling of the gums and mouth tissue
  •  Excessive plaque or tartar buildup
  •  Periodontal disease (affecting the gums and bones in the mouth)
  •  Oral tumors

Most veterinary dental exams can be conducted without anesthesia; however, more in-depth exams and procedures may require a short-term anesthetic.

To schedule a dental exam for your pet, simply contact us. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedures involved with veterinary dental exams or to discuss any billing or insurance concerns you may have.

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