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Pet Skin Care: We'll Do More Than Scratch the Surface

pet dermatology

Pemphigus foliaceus, atopic dermatitis . . . When your beloved pet itches, scratches, oozes, or bleeds, you don’t care what the skin condition is called. You, and your pet, just care about the skin problem getting solved.

Hanford Veterinary Hospital provides the diagnostic tools, the preventive and prescription medicine, and even the grooming consultation to make your dog or cat’s skin comfortable again. We figure out the cause of your pet’s skin problem, and we treat the dermatological issue.

For our talented veterinarians and staff, it’s all about determining whether your pet is suffering from an environmental allergy, fleas or ticks, or some other systemic condition.

That’s why we offering the following services:

  • Allergy testing
  • Basic grooming
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Parasite preventive medicine
  • Prescription medicine

Relieving your dog or cat’s need to scratch is important because scratching can lead to other complications, like acute moist dermatitis. Also known as a “hot spot,” acute moist dermatitis is a localized, moist, reddened bacterial infection of your animal’s skin. A hot spot starts because something irritates the skin. The body’s response is to itch, which inflames the skin and increases your pet’s desire to scratch away. Scratching can lead to licking and chewing, and that’s when trouble sets in.

The good news is that products on the market today, such as oral and topical flea control products, are much safer and more effective than in years past. These products not only treat existing flea problems, but also they help to prevent flea problems.

If your pet is having any kind of dermatological issue, please bring him or her in and let us help.

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